A century of perpetual action and success

A century of perpetual action and success | Intertan S.A.
One hundred years passed, since Taniskidis family has begun an exciting journey, full of goals, creation and success. 2022 is, thus, a major milestone in the history of Intertan S.A..

Driving force of the company in this course has always been the never-ending desire for development and advancement, as well as the unbeatable passion for trade, which led us to a century of active presence in the world of business. A centenary, which we are celebrating with this year’s anniversary.

During all these years, our company has evolved alongside the new challenges and demands of the modern times. For us, trade is not just a simple transfer of products from the supplier to the customer. It carries every value and each ideal that shape our philosophy. The services we offer place at their central core the human being as employee, partner, customer and consumer, but also utter respect for the environment, the protection of which is a first priority issue for us.

Today, the company’s wide range of products and services is promoted by its extensive sales network in Greece and abroad. The “journey” starts in Greece and travels safely through trusted partners, to more than 22 destinations, in countries where there are numerous small and medium-sized companies, as well as multinational companies and chains in the cafeteria industry.

Since the first truck started its own journey until today, our deep desire remains to meet your needs, so that together we can build long-lasting & trusting relationships that stand the test of time. As we are companions on the journey of evolution and creation, we can’t help but only heartfully thank each and every one of you, individually, for the trust you have shown in our collaboration.

This year, we renew our promise to remain committed to our values, placing all the modern trends in the packaging industry on the European market – especially those, which have at the core of their philosophy, the respect for humans and the environment, as well.

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