Fine delivery is here to stay!

Fine delivery is here to stay! | Intertan S.A.
The way to transfer the “luxury” of your dish inside the packaging.

The placement of the food from the plate to the packaging is the opportunity of every restaurant to not only maintain its clientele by staying in direct contact with them, offering them alternative flavors, but also to expand it.

How does a shop owner achieve the emulation of the entire restaurant experience to the place of the customer?

A number of gourmet restaurants decided to add food packaging for the purposes of take away or delivery services to their arsenal. This critical move refreshes the corporate ID by adding an extra feature to customer service.

The presentation of the end product to the customer is of critical importance regarding this move. The ability of a person to enjoy a meal in their personal space, just like they would in the restaurant is a serious challenge and risk, especially as far as gourmet restaurants are concerned.

The Tani® and Tessera Sustainable Packaging® series of Intertan S.A. provide the solution to all HO.RE.CA. professionals by offering them ideal food packaging products for safe and stylish transportation and presentation of every dish to the customer’s door.

If your menu includes sushi, then our Tessera Sustainable Packaging® sugarcane sushi trays combined with our bamboo chopsticks are an ideal choice. Tessera Sustainable Packaging® also includes salad containers from sugarcane that can be perfectly used along with our wooden cutlery set. On the contrary, if the transportation of your food requires a certain temperature, then you can choose our Tani® series minimal black microwave food containers in various sizes and number of compartments. Just like their name says, they can be placed inside microwave ovens and ensure the required temperature of every dish.

For a complete food packaging solution, we suggest the use of Tessera Sustainable Packaging® kraft paper bags for safe placement and transportation of the product.

Delivery and take away services already exist for a long time, but their importance was solidified due to the pandemic. Consequently, no HO.RE.CA. professional can ignore them anymore!

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