Sustainability, sustainable development and us

Sustainability or sustainable development in general is an ecologically conscious production model that aims at the optimal economic result for both the humanity and natural environment. This is a concept that is now a prerequisite for the overall viability and healthy development of any modern business.

Its key element is the balance between the production of goods and the raw material spent to achieve this production.

The concept of sustainability is based on the exploitation of natural resources at a slower rate than the rate at which they are renewed, otherwise environmental degradation occurs.

Why is it so imperative to apply the principle of sustainability? According to theories, the final impact of environmental degradation will be the inability of the Earth’s ecosystem to support human existence.

Intertan S.A. wholeheartedly supports the institution of sustainability and strengthens the newly formed circular economy through biodegradable and environmentally friendly products that it also markets and the ecological actions it takes.

On the other hand, we must not forget that raw materials, such as plastic, have become a functional and integral part of our everyday life. What we should actually focus on, is the proper management of these resources and products. A typical example is the recycling of plastic products, which significantly reduces the environmental impact of synthetics.

On July 3, 2021 and in accordance with the European Directive 2019/904, a start is made towards the reduction of plastic products on the market and their replacement by corresponding biodegradable products.

Of course, we are ready to respond and willing to support this action, as evidenced by the launch of our latest line of eco-friendly products, Tessera Sustainable Packaging®.

We will continue to cover the market needs for products from a variety of raw materials, but its main concern will remain the closing of the “product life cycle”.

We become sustainable to experience the future.

Anastasios Taniskidis

CCO - Chief Commercial Officer, Intertan S.A.

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